Our Mission

I will never forget my first flight on a Pipistrel. It was a Virus 100. My impression was that this is just the right mix between a scooter and a rocket. I could not hide my smile for days.

When I started instructing new owners on Pipistrels, I saw that for most pilots the experience was the same, exhilarating and unforgettable. But during these flight training, it became obvious that there was a divide between what is normally taught in theoretical courses at flight schools and the equipment the Pipistrel aircraft are equipped with.

I order to bridge this divide I had decided to launch Pipistrel-Online. This was in 2012. Now we are in the second generation of the portal, our customer base is wide and encompasses 32 countries and growing.

Pipistrel-Online was a standard setter and we are proud to maintain this position with a FREE ALPHA Electro course - the first course globally that explains the ins and outs of operating an electric aircraft.

Now pipistrel-online.com has grown to serve:

- licensed pilots converting to Pipistrel types

- student pilots that have completed their general theoretical training

- future owners comtemplating the purchase of Pipistrel aircraft

- enthusiasts hungry for credible aviation knowledge.